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History & Background

Professional development with noble values


Uswa Institute of Higher Education

History & Background

In many countries including Pakistan, students are just focusing on rote learning to grab jobs, teachers are focusing on their career development and institutions on their marketing. There is a need for expedient emphasis on real understanding, philosophy of life, ethical values and Holistic personality growth.

The ever-compromised standards of education and deteriorating ethics in higher education institutions [HEIs] of the country are two major areas of concern. For these reasons, the manpower so produced by HEIs is hardly able to put the country on path of good governance with concomitant economic performance. Keeping in view the background discussed here, UIHE shall produce nation-building, visionary and future oriented manpower, morally sound and professionally competent. This aim shall be achieved through providing a teaching-learning system that shall revolve around ideology and development of Pakistan. These consideration make the UIHE notably distinguished from its competitors because of providing high quality but affordable education.

  • Uswa-e-Hassanah as a role model for personality development.
  • Ever advancement of Pakistan through meaningful engagement in public and private governance.
  • Multi-faith multicultural harmony through Universal Islamic Values.
  • Respect for noble values, Creativity, Dignity, Responsibility, and leadership.
  • Human excellence through memorable traditions leading to glorious future.